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02-06 The Ladies New Home

Pecan Oak Ranch has moved! Well, actually, we're still in the progress of moving. Just a few more things to get together and it will be complete. The 'Ladies' and their 'Reining Roosters' have finally made it to their new home!


07-07 Chicks All Grown Up

It's time for a visit with the chickens. The twenty old timers that were hatched in 2013 are doing well and providing a sustantial amount of eggs. The new comers are now five months old and will soon be adding to the nests...


09-06 Chicks are Making Amazing Progress

In the last Ranch Ramblings post I shared the new flock members with you. Below is a comparison of one of the pictures I posted to show how much they had grown from the first shell crack...

07-25 New Flock in Progress

Early in July of this year I received a call from my daughter, Cherie, asking if I wanted to add to my flock of chickens. Serendipity strikes again...


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08-23 Orchard Overhaul

Today was a very busy day! The fruit trees surrounding the hen house had become so overgrown that the house was lost in the foliage. I have been wanting to trim (cough, cough more like scalp) the trees. Also, it was getting impossible to even get to the front door due to a huge fig tree. Well, today was the day!


03-03 Stirring Spring

If Spring won't come soon enough, I will bring Spring to me!



02-13 Surprises Swell

I awoke this morning and immediately wanted to hibernate the day away. If you follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my Blog, you know very well I am NOT a cold weather person. However I noticed yesterday that my Brush Doe, Summer, had dropped and would probably kid very soon. So I reluctantly crawled out from under my warm covers and took a peek out the window.

02-12 Morning Surprise

As I was enjoying my first cup of coffee this morning my cell phone announced an early morning call. As I picked it up my foggy morning brain tried to make sense out of the fact my husband, Bill, was calling me from outside. So I answered the call with, "Hello, what's up?"



08-14 Corn for my Horses

This spring I planted some sweet corn with the expectation of enjoying the delicious, tender ears... Well as author Margaret Mitchell once said, "Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect."



08-24 Mistakes Conflicts and Challenges

Have you ever just had one of those days? This sweet little creature can probably relate! It is taking refuge on our...

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