Pecan Oak Ranch


Chicks All Grown UP

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It's time for a visit with the chickens. The twenty old timers that were hatched in 2013 are doing well and providing a sustantial amount of eggs. The new comers are now five months old and will soon be adding to the nests.

Due to their seniority the older birds get the prime spot in the yard for beating the heat. They are beginning to take advantage of their little hidy hole with the soaring temperatures.

The royalty of our flock is composed of a beautiful rooster, who thinks his name is Good Morning. I used to say that each time I'd enter the yard and pet him on the back so it stuck.

His beautiful consort is the First Lady and she preens to keep her beauty fresh and every feather in place. She feels the pressure from all of his many ladies in waiting.

These are two of his many long time ladies that were hatched in July, 2013. Just a barnyard mix from my first hens and 'Good Morning.' They sure did make some fine babies.

This is the 'Princess!' She carries herself with a regal countenence and wears her regal dress with flourish. I believe she has gone broody so there is a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on her nest box.

This beautiful young lady is the very first Ameraucana chicken to join our flock. She came from McMurray Hatchery in 2010. Yep, she's five years old and still laying an egg almost every day.

The newest additions to the flock are twelve new Ameraucana "pullets" that were purchased at the local feed store in February of this year. Of course even those who have volumes of experience in sexing chicks can make a mistake from time to time. I do believe one of those birds has turned out to be a rooster! He is a beauty and will develop into a great flock prince. Because he reminded me of a patchwork quilt, he has been dubbed 'Patch." What do you all think of this fine boy?


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