Pecan Oak Ranch

The Ladies New Home
February 6, 2016

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Pecan Oak Ranch has moved!

Well, actually, we're still in the progress of moving. Just a few more things to get together and it will be complete. The 'Ladies' and their 'Reining Roosters' have finally made it to their new home!

We were amazed when we walked through the new hen house. I couldn't believe my eyes. Twenty-five nests built on the wall, a storm door and a separate entry door, a turban on the roof, a continous operating vent fan, two huge feeders, and a humoungous waterer. If that wasn't enough, the previous owner advised us that the building will stand up to 150 mph winds. And, its just a hop, skip, and a jump from the house!

The top rooster, 'Good Morning', is still leading his harem of ladies. My boy thinks that is his name because I would tell him that and then pet his back. We still go through that routine.

Last year's baby roo, 'Patch', is all grown up and has carved out his harem as well. I knew he'd be a beauty and he did not dissapoint.

More to come as the weather should be getting more to my liking and I will shake off my hibernation.


Don't Judge the Moment,

Live It ! ! !