Pecan Oak Ranch

So Much to do...
August 3, 2016

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It has been way too long since my last update!

Ever since the move the clock seems to be ticking faster than ever. I can't believe it has been six months since my last post. Please forgive the delay.

So much has been happening. Back in February we had just started building the horse/goat barn.

Shortly after this picture was taken the crew finished a very nice barn for my babies. Eash side has an individual tack/feed room. Sooner or later I will get shelves and work benches put up in both rooms. On the goat side there will also be a milking stand, and double sink. I keep thinking I will have to put a door through the middle so I don't have to keep walking around in the rain.

The goat side is divided into two 10' x 10' stall areas that are going to work really well during kidding and milking.

The horse side is one big run-in area that is 10' x 20'. The horses are really making good use of it during the rains and especially in the record heat we have been experiencing this year. Just a couple of weeks ago my Son installed an automatic waterer for them. Silly horses, they prefer the 25 gallon tub.

With the help of my family we managed to get the fencing in for the pasture. Still have a way to go on that job though as I have to finish the goat pasture and replace the chicken yard fence also. I dislike that 2 x 4 welded wire as it tends to rust and rot too fast. If we put up anything it has to outlast us because I don't want to have to do it again.

While cutting the pasture one day I nearly sunk the tractor in a huge hole. A true leg breaker. So glad I found this before the horses did. I used some of the dirt from the building area and couldn't believe how deep it really was. The more I put in the further it went down. Always something to do on the farm!

I've been really frustrated in the garden area. This is the first year that I haven't been able to bring in my own vegetables. I'm in some serious withdrawal. Even the veggies I buy at the Farmer's Markets don't come close to the ones from my backyard. I imagine that they can't wait to pick them when ripe. That makes a huge difference! I was able to get a few Grape Tomatoes from a bush I bought and they appeased my tastebuds, but they were so very few compared to an established garden.

The excessive heat this year has kept my gardening to the early morning hours and the late eveneing hours. Even so, slowly but surely the yard is coming together. Mostly the progress is dictated by what I am transplanting at the time. At least I've been able to have success with the roses. Only lost about four bushes and that was because I didn't get them in the ground fast enough. At least the ones I love the most made the transition. I even got to finish the walkway in front of the rose garden!

Another project that has begun this year is my participation in the local Farmer's Market. I was getting so many eggs from 'The Ladies' that I needed an outlet. It has been such fun and I also started baking dessert breads to add to the table. The Downtown Hattiesburg Farmer's Market is perfect; it is only once a week and in the evening. I am definitely not an early riser so it works for me.

Well, I'm getting ready for the market right now and have to go get another round of bread out of the oven. Come on by and visit at the market and I'll try not to take so long to keep y'all posted on what is going on around here!

Don't Judge the Moment,

Live It ! ! !