Pecan Oak Ranch

New Flock in Progress
August 25, 2013

Early in July of this year I received a call from my daughter, Cherie, asking if I wanted to add to my flock of chickens. Serendipity strikes again... her call had interrupted my thoughts about building a starter chicken coop that I had been planning for two years.

It seems that my granddaughter, Brittany, wanted to have the experience of incubating chicken eggs. Déjà Vu! What wonderful memories of my children hovering over the old incubator watching the baby chicks struggling to enter the world. So a plan was born. Cherie and Brittany would hatch and raise the chicks until they developed feathers. Then they would bring them to the ranch where they could grow and add to the daily egg quota.

On July 25 the fun began! Enjoy the journey with us.

Photos by: Cherie Hohensee Bergeron All rights reserved

July 25
It begins ! ! !

July 26
Two and counting

July 26
Three and counting

July 30
Fourth chick enters the scene

July 30
Up to thirteen chicks now

July 30
Still hatching
Cherie and  Randy (I call him "My Son Also") constructed this wonderful starter chicken coop for the new babies. I think they'll be outgrowing it soon.

August 17
Finally arrived at their new home

August 17
Enjoying their first meal at their new home
Yep! They're growing fast... just one week later.

August 25
They're getting big

August 25
Enjoying their perches

Here's a few videos for you to check out:

July 25 Pipping

July 25 It Begins

July 25 Seven Now

I would never change my life... family, friends, and nature! I can't ask for anything more!


Don't Judge the Moment, Live It ! ! !