Pecan Oak Ranch

Orchard Overhaul
August 23, 2016

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Today was a very busy day! The fruit trees surrounding the hen house had become so overgrown that the house was lost in the foliage. I have been wanting to trim (cough, cough more like scalp) the trees. Also, it was getting impossible to even get to the front door due to a huge fig tree.

Well, today was the day! After cutting the grass that had grown up to my knees due to the rain I got hubby, Bill, to bring out the chain saw. I then had my way with the trees. Just a few more to go and one dead one to remove, but things are really looking better! Now I really am beginning to feel like this place is mine!

Just for an idea of how much the peach tree had become overgrown, click on this picture to see just the beginning of the "trim." The peaches this year were totally covered in a fungus called Brown Rot. By pruning out the over crowded branches I am hoping that it will help to eliminate this problem. I will also have to clean up around the tree to remove any diseased fruit and vegetation.


The side of the hen house was completely covered up by the peach tree. Now, there is actually some breathing room. Of course the chickens that like to sleep in the tree at night may be a bit upset when they go to bed tonight.



I was able to get the giant fig tree cut back so that we can actually get to and see the front of the chicken house. Of course, now we need to get the pressure washer working so we can get the green gunk that has accumulated removed. Once you get one thing settled it always leads to something else to do on The Farm!



Just as I was about to cut the grass where my Billy Goat, Lil Man, stays the lawn mower gave up the ghost. I think it just needs a new battery. So, there it sits in the chicken/goat yard waiting for a fix. At least the latest rain shower gave it a good washing. So not to be denied my progress, I grabbed a five gallon bucket and look at what I got today! Cooking pears! These came off of about only three branches of the tree. Got a lot more to go. Think I'll be selling Whole Wheat, Pear Bread at the Farmer's Market this week! ! !


Don't Judge the Moment,

Live It ! ! !