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Surprises Swell
February 13, 2015

I awoke this morning and immediately wanted to hibernate the day away. If you follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my Blog, you know very well I am NOT a cold weather person. However I noticed yesterday that my Brush Doe, Summer, had dropped and would probably kid very soon. So I reluctantly crawled out from under my warm covers and took a peek out the window.

Summer was laying down and it appeared that nothing had taken place so I donned my jeans and sweat shirt and then took another peek, and there they were — two more bouncing babies (Nigerian Dwarf/Brush Cross) enjoying their new escapades in the big new world. One each, a buckling and a doeling.

Since the temperatures were way below my tolerance levels, my husband (Bill) went out to take pictures and make sure everyone was doing fine. He did a fine job himself!

Say "Welcome!" to the new arrivals.

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Summer and babies
Proud Mamma Summer and her Babies


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